My Favorite Aspect of Hosting Multiple Podcasts

It’s that time again. Whenever I have the pleasure of interviewing a guest, I always have them back for a role reversal. JeffBrown returns to ask any three questions of his choosing.

First, have you seen Werewolves within? Also, can you clarify the difference between a park ranger and a forest ranger? This may seem like a simple yes or no answer, but you’d be surprised to learn the answer involves a reality show and unpacking how to differentiate between park and forest rangers.

Second, you host multiple podcasts. What is your favorite aspect of podcasting? (And which is your favorite?) I’ll give you a hint. The first part is an easy answer for me and has to do with the messages on the shows I host. The answer to the second part may or may not surprise you.

Lastly, you are always reading at least three books at any given time. One business book. One Self Development book. And one book purely for entertainment. If you were to recommend one book in each category, what books would you recommend? Well, you will have to listen to find out.


Creating Disney Magic by Lee Cockerell

Books by Jim Rohn

Breaking Blue by Timothy Egan

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