Mistakes Podcasters Make

It’s that time again. Cassie Tucker returns to bring three questions of her own creation to the table. Full disclosure, I do turn the tables on her towards the end.

First, what is your favorite national park and why? This is a pretty easy question for me, but it is a tie. It all depends; are you looking for scenic views or majestic wildlife?

Second, outside of the podcasts you and your clients have, what is your favorite podcast? I have a few. Would it surprise you to learn that one of them actually has five-hour episodes, and I listen to the whole thing? It’s that good.

Lastly, What is one of the biggest mistakes you see made in podcasting, and how can podcasters correct it? The biggest mistakes boil down to follow-through and how you interact with your listener…but you will have to listen to hear the specifics.


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