Lessons from Buffalo, New York

How often do we learn great lessons and write them down, only to walk away and forget them? It is always a good idea to review notes. Dan Cockerell and I revisit and expound on some notes I put together on a return flight from a trip to Buffalo in April of 2018.

This event in Buffalo provided food for thought, ranging from how we care for the people that always show up to the importance of mixing up the way we approach tasks. When we allow others to be part of the story and present valuable information with enthusiasm, we provide a five-star experience. Creating your own luck and being open to the unexpected are key practices, especially when paired with enjoying the experience. In life, we often fear mistakes, but the ability to do what you need to do, even when you don’t know what that is will allow us to live life with forward momentum, even if we encounter failure along the way.


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“If you have a good story and you tell it very well, that may matter more than what an expert you are on your subject.”

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