Why George Carlin thinks you should have a podcast

When it comes to podcasting, I can list out a suite of benefits and explain why you should have your own show.

A podcast positions you as an authority helps build your network, markets you and your products and services, allows you to talk to people you may not otherwise have access to….

…there is more. But I will skip over all of that to tell you the most significant benefit to hosting a podcast.

Comedian George Carlin said it better than I could myself;

“I needed to hear what I was thinking out loud. The best way I know to clarify my thinking is to hear and see what I think I’m thinking. Because no matter how clear it may seem to you internally, it’s never clear exactly what it is until you speak and hear the words.”

George Carlin did not have a podcast. He was talking about not understanding hi s comedy material until he performed it on stage. But his comments are right on when it comes to having your own podcast.

Opportunities, connection and promotion, are not the gold of podcasting. You find the gold in what you learn about yourself.

There is no better way to gain clarity in your ideas and identity than to show up every week with something to say.

After podcasting for six years now, I realize it is not podcasting that has created so many opportunities. It is the clarity that has come from podcasting.

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