Know Yourself to Lead Others

Mark Rucker is with me again in our traditional follow-up episode where he can ask me any three questions of me that he wants. Mark took a page out of his own book to come up with his three questions and they are great.

First, have you ever participated in a personal talent assessment? I have personally done a couple over the years, and I have had some points of contention with the results at times.

Next, how have you professionally used your helper abilities to help others pursue their dreams? Would you believe what I’m doing right now is directly tied to my helper ability?

Third, pick a leadership lesson you want to emulate or a poor leadership attribute you never want to exhibit? Since I am wired to help, I’ll give you one of each.

Fourth (that’s right, Mark snuck in a bonus question), which national park are you itching to visit? It is a toss-up that spans the continental United States.

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