Invest in Your Network with Andy Storch

If there is anything 2020 has taught us, it is the importance of connection. Whether in personal relationships or professional endeavors, investing in connecting with people should be a top priority. Andy Storch, a podcaster, new author, and fabulous trainer just released his first book and we are unpacking the importance of investing in your network.

Reading Andy’s book, Own Your Career and Own Your Life, chapter 10 jumped out at me. The topic and challenge of purposely investing in building a network resonated. Networking can be an intimidating topic, but as Andy so eloquently explains, it isn’t doing things or making a connection for the quid pro quo. All networking is…is being intentional about showing up, genuinely, for those you connect with. Be it in person or via social media, be present, give lift to others and let them into your life. Lead with curiosity and generosity. When you can, give people a platform. Offer help without expecting anything in return.

Expectations will lead to disappointment. By building real, trusting relationships with others (without being motivated by what you can get out of it) is what networking is all about.


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