Spend a Day With Sugar J

spend a day with sugar jLet’s spend a day together. This episode of The Jody Maberry Show documents a day of recording podcasts, videos, and other content.

People often ask me how I get so much done with 7 active podcasts and the other work I do. To answer the question, I spent a day and documented it.

Throughout the episode, you will get to join me as I record podcasts and have some conversations with some of the people I work with regularly.

In our time together, we will be joined by:

Jeff Noel: We record 3 episode of If Disney Ran Your Life.

Lee Cockerell: We recorded some promotional videos for the Cockerell Academy and recorded one episode of Creating Disney Magic.

Andy Storch: We record a couple of episodes of The Jody Maberry Show.

Dan Cockerell: We had a call about promoting The Perch Community.

Mike Simmons: We recorded an episode of the Catalyst Sale Podcast.

You will hear some behind the scenes conversation about what goes into each of the shows and projects we are working on.

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