Building Relationships in Business

As is our tradition when we have guests on, Andy Storch is back with me with three questions, which I have no prior knowledge of:

What are your favorite and least favorite aspects of running my business? I am a people person and that heavily influences my answer to this question.

What is your favorite national park and what is one you haven’t been to? If you force me, I can boil it down to two, but the winner depends on which park I am standing in at the time. I also have a few honorable mentions I need to fit in.

What is the biggest mistake podcasters make and what is the most annoying thing some podcasters do and should stop? Podcasters aren’t radio hosts, but often they try and do this one thing like a radio personality and it can be detrimental to their show.

What do post-production, monetizing podcasts and grizzly attacks have in common? These are the answers to the bonus three questions Andy snuck in by adding a part two to each question.

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