How to Know When to Tell a Story

how to know when to tell a storyWhen you are a guest on a podcast, the best way to connect with listeners is to tell stories.

The same is true when you are on stage or, perhaps, with a group of people.

But how do you know if you should tell a story?

Here are the 4 Ps I use to know if I should tell a story:

Purpose: Is there a reason to be telling this story at this moment?

Point: Is there a point to your story or are you just talking?

Punch Line: You wouldn’t tell a joke without a punchline and you shouldn’t tell a story without one either. Not for humor, the story doesn’t need to be funny, but to make sure your story has a proper ending.

Promise: Your story should either make a promise of something to come or give people hope.

If you use these 4 Ps as a guide, your stories will have a better chance to connect with listeners. And when you connect with them, they are more likely to follow up with you.

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Jody Maberry