The Obligation to Tell Stories with Rick Bass

In this special episode, renowned author Rick Bass joins me to explore the current challenges facing wild places in our nation, especially the Yaak Valley in Montana. Not surprisingly, these challenges are also present in our own social climate.

As with many challenges currently facing our nation, our community, our connection, and shared history hold the key. Whether that is partnering with the scientific community to raise awareness of climate change and its impact or lending your voice to important movements like Black Lives Matter or – the need for passing the torch is rising with every passing year.

Sharing our stories, passing on our experiences, allowing the next generation to learn from our failures and successes takes courage. Making a difference takes courage, especially when it relies on one generation changing the trajectory of the previous.

In his book, Traveling Feast, Rick connects older and younger generations of authors over a meal. As we dive deeper into that concept, we see the importance of fostering generational connection. You don’t want things you value to be lost. It is necessary to connect the generations. Share what you love. That love promotes and generates generosity. Life is full of convergences. The more opportunities we have to fulfill our obligation to pass on the knowledge and wisdom we have gained, the more stories we share, the more hope we can hold on to.

Books by Rick Bass
The Traveling Feast by Rick Bass

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