Seven Lessons From a Luxury Homebuilder

There are lessons to be learned from most interactions and experiences. They can then be applied to many different areas of life. Cassie Tucker and I are taking some time today to extrapolate the seven lessons I learned from my time in the Luxury Homebuilder business.

First, show up on time. Do that, and you will always have an advantage. It is simple, but something that people notice. Second, simply put, do what you say you will do. Be a person of your word, and people will talk about you behind your back in the best way possible. Third, always be upfront about costs. Don’t try to bait people with the promise of a lower price and then inflate it at the last minute. If there is ever any reason for a price increase, make sure you communicate scope creep as soon as possible.

Next, show your work. Give people the ability to see behind the veil. Share stories and pictures of where the work is getting done. People appreciate transparency. Make sure your communication is clear and copious. You cannot over-communicate when people are investing time and money. Next, the office or point of entry to your space sets the expectation for your business. When people walk in, that experience will set their expectations for what you do behind the scenes. What foot are you putting forward?

Lastly, use words wisely. You may like how something sounds, but if it isn’t providing clarity for the customer, get rid of it. Eliminate the fluff so you can be concise and clear. Regardless of your industry or the service you offer, the foundation is the same. Create a consistent, clear, and valued product from start to finish. 

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