Stand Out From the Noise

On a recent trip to Nevada, I had the pleasure of staying at the Whitney Peak Hotel in Reno. Reno, much like Las Vegas is a town of noise and neon. Surprisingly, the Whitney Peak Hotel is neither of these two things…and that is exactly what makes them stand out. Every other hotel tries to compete by upping the anti-so to speak-and offers more of the same: noise and neon. The Whitney Peak Hotel is a no-neon, dog, and eco-friendly facility with a focus on customer service, not filling their lobby with unending slot machines.

This got me thinking. Just because others are doing something, doesn’t mean it is the best way to do something. How do you stand out in a world of noise and neon? Look around and see what others are doing and then do the opposite or put your twist on it. Look for what makes you you, what fits you, and do it your way. Be different in the way you are different.

In a world where every arena is crowded with more of the same, dare to be the one who dances to the beat of your own drum.

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