Lessons from Disney World – Epcot

The final day of touring Walt Disney World to learn about customer service we will visit Epcot. 

I had the opportunity to take part in a pilot program Disney World is testing out. Guest relations had my cell phone number. Every day they would text me just to see how things we going. And they made sure I knew I could text them if I had questions about anything.

This worked out great for me. No looking for a cast member. No waiting in line. Just send a text. I did text them with 3 questions throughout the days we have been here. One thing I noticed is the language

When I texted and mentioned I could not see my plans in the Disney World app or website, they pleasant reply I received was. “Our system is currently going through a magical enhancement which is why you cannot view or modify your plans.”

Check out the choice of words. Magical Enhancements.  The language you use for your service or product matters. The words you use to and in front of customers matter.

Now, my final lesson from Epcot and from Disney World came when I stood in line so my daughter could meet Anna and Elsa, the characters from Frozen. My daughter was wearing braids. Elsa told her a story of how Anna uses Reindeer slobber to keep her braids in place. It was quite a story. And it made my daughter feel special. What can you do to give customers individual attention to make them feel special?


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Jody Maberry