Becoming an Inspirational Leader

Jody Maberry Show Episode 294 Becoming an Inspirational Leader

Relationships matter. They are finite, and you need to take advantage of them in a good way for as long as they’re offered to you. – Jim MacPhee

Jim MacPhee is a former executive leader with Disney who joins to share some of his lessons on becoming an inspirational leader throughout his 43 year career. His experiences range from starting as a boat driver and retiring as the COO/Senior Vice President of Walt Disney World. We spend a lot of time discussing the impact of building relationships and creating positive experiences. He emphasizes the fact that effective leaders make people feel valued. Throughout his career at Disney, Jim discovered that true engagement involves looking people in the eye, asking about their lives, and listening to their responses. He believes that caring leadership fueled by authentic engagement can turn average performances into extraordinary ones.

Making emotional connections and making people feel valued contribute to the overall success and reputation of an organization. This is echoed in Jim’s philosophy of inspirational leadership, which is rooted in engaging, inspiring, and leading others. True engagement involves making eye contact, smiling, and showing appreciation to everyone in the organization. He shares how he made people feel valued throughout his career. I love when he says that the true measure of an experience is how an organization or individual makes someone feel. This is also why he encourages leaders to spend time engaging with frontline employees. They often hold valuable insights and play a crucial role in shaping the customer experience.

This episode is a wonderful conversation with valuable insights around improving leadership skills and enhancing customer and employee engagement. The experiences Jim shared showecase the power of relationships and what set the stage for his successful leadership style.

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Episode Highlight

00:02:48 – The Window on Main Street

00:05:27 – Building Meaningful Relationships at Work

00:08:23 – Fly Fishing and Finding Joy in Retirement

00:10:57 – Embracing a Student Mindset

00:13:31 – Introduction to Disney and Epcot

00:14:35 – The Epcot Center Preview Center

00:16:01 – The Importance of Curiosity and New Challenges

00:18:22 – The Power of Relationships and Understanding

00:21:36 – Engage, Inspire, Lead

00:27:29 – Importance of Personal Connection

00:28:45 – The Value of Frontline Employee

00:29:01 – Challenges for Leaders


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