What if You Don’t Know What Will Happen Next?

take a riskRecently, I  returned from the Ultimate Travel Writer’s Workshop in Austin, TX, hosted by Great Escape Publishing. I team up with Great Escape Publishing to host their podcast, Great Escape Radio.

While I was at the Workshop, something big happened. The 20th anniversary of the day I moved away from my hometown of Peoria, IL was while I was in Austin.

On the day of the anniversary, I posted on Facebook to commemorate the special day.  The post got some wonderful responses from people;

“I Love This”

“What a great story”

“You’re amazing!! You carve out the life you wanted to live…proud of you!!”

There were many comments like this, all cheering me on for such a bold move. And someone sent me a private message asking me why I left everything I knew and set out with no money and no job prospects.

In this episode of The Jody Maberry Show, I examine why my big move still gets so much fanfare 20 years later. Why do people congratulate me? Why do people ask me why I did it?

We will discuss that and more on this episode.

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