How a Smile Can Save Your Day

how a smile can save your dayDuring my time as a Park Ranger, I learned many lessons that still serve me today.

One Ranger taught me how a smile can save your day. In this episode, I tell the story of a Park Ranger who got stuck in an outhouse.

How did she get out? And how does it impact you?

To get the story, you will how to listen to the episode. Below, are the 4 lessons I took from the story.

Patterns are important. There are times when the right processes and procedures will get you out of trouble.

Avoid Patterns. The safety and routine of patterns can keep you from the creativity and ideas you need.

Celebrate. Take teme to celebrate. With so much work to do, we don’t celebrate enough.

Smile. If there is one thing we learn from Ranger Sims, it is that a smile can save your day.

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Jody Maberry