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Jill Young, author and head coach for EOS Worldwide, explains what the Entrepreneurial Operating System is and why teaching helps us to internalize concepts fully.

Jill grew up as part of an entrepreneurial family. Her first coaching opportunity was in a daycare setting for 4 and 5-year-olds while she was in high school. Jill is now an author and owns her own coaching company, in addition to the work she does with EOS Worldwide.

Many people benefit from having a coach, especially those who are high performers. Often, a coach creates a space for exploring options, solutions, and possibilities. Coaches do this by creating a place for visionaries to be heard. A coach may sometimes have to be the one to provide feedback in a truthful and direct way. More times than not, the solution or next step needed is clear. They just haven’t seen it yet.

Individuals can benefit from coaching. Companies, especially those of an entrepreneurial nature, can benefit from finding their operating system; their entrepreneurial operating system to be exact. EOS is a simple set of business tools designed for companies to help them evaluate and develop three key principles, starting from their leadership down: Vision, Traction, and Healthy. With over 11,000 implementations worldwide, EOS is helping companies from 3-200 team members move toward their highest goals.


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