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Jody Maberry Show episode 268 Turn Your Passions in Profit

Matt McWilliams was a previous guest on the show and shared all about affiliate marketing. Jody invited Matt to come back and talk to us about his new book, “Turn Your Passions Into Profit”. He has helped many people find success with their products. Now he is launching his own book to help even more people. Matt’s book reveals how to find and attract your audience, build a following, and ultimately how to monetize your venture quickly and sustainably.

Matt had been trying to write a book for seven or eight years, but his busy schedule and commitments always seemed to get in the way. When a pandemic freed up his time, he was finally able to start writing and make progress on his book. With their operations manager as a productivity guru, Matt was able to write the book in 98 days, writing for only 17 minutes a day. Even though it was hard to delete some of his favorite sections, he was able to cut the 117,000 word manuscript down to 82,000 words. With the help of his editor, he was able to release the book and now share its message with the world.

Can you write for 20 minutes a day? Matt bets you can. You don’t need fancy technology, just what you probably already have and a consistent plan. This is similar to the ten steps to becoming a successful online marketer that he talk about in his book. In this episode, Matt also shares his ideas on how you can create an effective lead magnet that addresses an immediate need in your target audience.

You can love what you’re doing, but if you’re not making any money doing it, you’re going to give up on it. The book will show you the path. If you execute what Matt writes about in the book, you’ll get there. The book is all about getting clear on who your audience is and who you’re serving with. It’s never been easier to get noticed, but it’s harder to stand out.


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