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Jody Maberry Show Ep 269 Help People Get a Quick Win Matt McWilliamsMatt McWilliams returns, as is customary, to ask his three questions and help people get a quick win. Matt is the author of Turn Your Passions into Profits, and his questions continue to add value to our previous conversations.

First, in his book, Matt discusses seven types of leaders, ranging from the Master Maestro to the Cordial Caregiver. Out of these seven leaders, what type are you? I can narrow it down to two, but you may be surprised at which two it is.

Next, what is my ideal avatar? Their name, values, pains, and so on? If you have listed to the show for any length of time, I’m guessing you can answer this question in part, but I will give you a hint: it involves a specific group of people with a story to tell.

Lastly, which of my lead magnets has been the best? It is another toss-up. Both were great in their specific arena and were huge value ads.

The importance of the lead magnet is understanding that people have needs and asking yourself how you can give someone a quick win. When you provide value quickly, and for free, it makes people want to see what you can deliver on in the long term.


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“If you can figure that out, how you can give someone a quick win, that happens in the next day or two, you’re on to something.” JM

“If they get that solutions, they get that quick win, they will come back for more.” MM

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