The Truth About Hiring and Employee Motivation

Many companies get hiring wrong without realizing what they are doing wrong. Lee Cockerell, Retired EVP of Walt Disney World, and Carol Quinn, CEO of Hire Authority, team up to discuss the truth about hiring and employee motivation. Hiring new employees can be very challenging as making the wrong decision can result in you going to all that effort to simply get the wrong candidate. Luckily, there are services out there that are able to help companies make the right call when hiring new members of the workforce. Going to will offer businesses the opportunity to secure a thorough background check. Doing this is absolutely imperative for any recruiters who value safety and business security. If you’re recruiting in Australia you can carry out an even more thorough check known as the police check australia, which gives details of any criminal convictions someone might have. Furthermore, it may be in your best interest to start outsourcing employees, which is cheaper and sometimes more efficient. Using companies like can help steer employers in the right direction in terms of what would be the best employee to hire in order for their business to thrive.

To learn more about hiring and employee motivation, check out Carol’s book Don’t Hire Anyone Without Me and Lee’s book Creating Magic.

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