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Sometimes the wisdom we need to hear is found in conversations we’ve already had. In my last episode, Jeff Brown and I shared our book recommendations. One author mentioned was Rick Bass.

I had the pleasure of interviewing Rick in 2016 for The Park Leader’s Podcast. Although that conversation was through the lens of parks and for the park leader audience, the overarching theme is one for us all.

At the very core of who we are as humans, our connection to nature and “wild” places holds our history. We have a rich past of preservation in our country. Whether you are a scientist, a politician, an author, or an everyday average person, we have a responsibility to speak up about those values we hold, especially in public. Our words, our financial investments, our time…all of our modern resources can be engaged in stewarding and caring for our natural resources. Whatever the industry or arena, silos are detrimental to growth and improvement.

Books by Rick Bass
Grizzley Years by Doug Peacock
The Lost Grizzlies: A Search for Survivors in the Wilderness of Colorado by Rick Bass

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