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Michael Hudson Get Your Message HeardMichael Hudson wants you to get your message heard.
In this episode, Michael explains how and why to get your message out to the world. He also shares why you need a talk specifically tailored towards selling you and the work you do.
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Here is Michael’s exercise to map your significant life experiences;

This is a quick exercise where you will map the most significant experiences in your life across the timeline…events you experienced something that changed you, your perspective, and your path.

1. Take a piece of paper and lay it out landscape.
2. Draw a horizontal line across the middle of the paper.
3. Label the left side with the date of your birth and the right with the current date.
5. Draw vertical lines above the center line for the positive experiences with the height of the line indicating the significance of the event to you. Label the event at the top of the line for the event.
6. Draw vertical lines below with the relative heights indicating the significance of the event for the negative experiences in your life. Label the events at the bottom of the line for the event.
7. Review your timeline and circle the 5 most significant events (positive or negative), i.e., the ones with the longest lines.
8. Answer this question for each of these 5 events…What did I learn from the experience that reveals insight that others can use?

This will help you define your unique message as it reveals the things on your life journey that led you to discover what matters most. Your core message will emerge from these insights…because they make up your signature story. They capture the essence of what has shaped you and are the message you should share to create the most impact for those you seek to serve.

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Jody Maberry


  1. Daphne Smith on September 8, 2017 at 12:50 pm

    Clarity attracts. Thank you for specific next steps. Powerful valuable information. Well done.

    • Jody Maberry on September 9, 2017 at 12:45 am

      Dr. Michael Hudson is an inspiration. Thank you for listening to the show, Daphne.