Marketing Lessons From Political Campaigns

We live in a day when politics can be a very dividing topic. Rather than looking at the divides that surround it, Peter Hinga and I are taking a deeper look at the lessons we can take from politics and apply them to our personal brand.

Peter Hinga started his political journey volunteering on local campaigns as a teenager. He and his father bonded over politics in a surprising way. He progressed through internships and made his debut in the congressional campaign circuit in 2004. He has run campaigns and now focuses on consulting.

Running for office has many lessons that are applicable across the board. Understanding your why and making sure that you want to set your hand to something is not a respecter of industry. Whether you are a politician, an entrepreneur, or an employee, your personal brand is front-facing. Connections and buy-in create influence. Getting involved and upfront with your potential audience in an industry will help you build connections and gain experience you can’t gain any other way.

No matter your industry, you need to be authentic. Don’t just be a talking head spouting talking points and lose yourself in the process. You can say all the right things and still fall flat if you don’t lean into what makes you uniquely you.

Know your audience, really get to know them. It can be tempting to spread out but don’t make the mistake of going broad right away. Start at your home base where you are strongest and then build from there.

Lastly, make sure you know how to roll with the punches. Don’t take things personally, but recognize when you can apply feedback. Get in front of the negative and approach things from a place of transparency rather than being caught off guard.




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