How Your Past Experience Give You An Edge

If you have listened to the show, you know anytime I have a guest, I like to have them back and flip the tables. Peter Hinga returns as the interviewer to ask me three questions of his own choosing.

First, what did you learn from giving tours as a park ranger about engaging with different kinds of people? Every group is different, but you may be surprised to hear that kids and older people can be the deal breakers on a tour.

Second, what do you think makes a good podcast guest and how can they prepare? Be specific and be broad. Sound contradictory? Not as much as you might think.

Last, what is the most bizarre office you have written your name in for? In case you didn’t listen to the last episode, I mentioned how I write my name in for different offices when I vote. The most bizarre one was a stretch for someone from a landlocked location.

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