Lessons from the Creating Magic Mastermind

Lee Cockerell and I hosted a one-day Creating Magic Mastermind event in Orlando. In this episode, I share nine things I learned during the Mastermind.

Here are the nine lessons;

The opportunity is there if you are willing to take it. We are all surrounded by opportunities. You have to be open enough to see it and bold enough to act.

Family comes first. Don’t let your job get in front of your family. The work you do is not more important than the people in your house.

An Organization will adjust to lack of clarity. If you aren’t clear with expectations, people will adjust, and you probably won’t like the direction of the adjustment.

Make sure the right people know who you are. If people don’t know who you are they can’t help you.

Don’t practice on your customers. Make training a priority and don’t practice on your customer.

There are only 4 things to make people change. The only things that will lead people to change their mind or change their behavior is education, emergency, experience, and exposure.

Beware of the HIPPO. The HIPPO is the Highest Paid Person’s Opinion. Make sure everyone’s opinion is heard, no matter what their position or pay grade.

Treat a customer like a member of the family. If your mother was in the situation your customers is in, how would you want your mother treated?

You will have to repeat your message often. When you are starting to get sick of hearing yourself say your message, people are just beginning to listen. Stick with it.


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Jody Maberry