Lessons from Disney with Lee Cockerell

Lessons from Disney with Lee CockerellLee Cockerell is the former Executive Vice President of Operations for Walt Disney World. Lee joins the Jody Maberry Show to offer lessons from Disney you can apply to your business.

“It’s not the magic that makes it work; it is the way we work that makes it magic.”

In this episode, Lee explains what it looks like for small businesses and entrepreneurs to create magic. Creating magic is easier than you think it will be. Have a great website, answer your phone, return calls, look professional are just some of the simple things Lee offers as a way to create magic.

If you want to figure out how to create magic, get feedback from customers, colleagues and friends. Feedback will help you figure out what you do best and where you need to improve.

Lee also explains why a podcast is an important tool to mobilize your message. And if you want to master your message, Lee suggests you study and practice. First learn, then practice, and then teach to master your message.

Lee’s Podcast = Creating Disney Magic
Lee’s Books = Creating Magic, The Customer Rules, Time Management Magic
Lee Cockerell on Twitter = @LeeCockerell
Lee’s website = leecockerell.com

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