What Business are You Really In? with Jesse Cole

Find your one thing to help you stand out. Be unique. Be different.

Whatever is normal, do the exact opposite.

Jesse Cole, often seen in a bright yellow tuxedo, wants you to understand you don’t have to do things the same way everyone else does it.

Jesse is the owner of the Savannah Bananas baseball team, author, podcaster, and business disrupter.

When Jesse first became the owner of a minor league baseball team, he realized no one cared about the team. There were no fans at the games. There was no money in the bank account.

Instead of getting discouraged, Jesse tackled the problem head-on. He knew people thought baseball was long, slow, and boring.

Jesse encourages you to find what frustrates you about your business. Also, find what frustrates your customers about your business or industry. Now, tackle those problems directly. Do the opposite of what people expect or what others are doing.

Get a copy of Jesse’s book, Find Your Yellow Tux.

Jesse Cole’s website – FindYourYellowTux.com

Jesse Cole on Facebook – YellowTuxJesse

Jesse Cole on Twitter – @YellowTuxJesse

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