Focus on What is Uniquely You

I finished 2017 by staying at the Historic Davenport Hotel in downtown Spokane, WA. During my stay, I was reminded why it is important to focus on what is uniquely you.

When I sampled the soft peanut brittle a chef was making in the lobby of the hotel, it set me off thinking about why they do it. Why do they make the treat in the lobby and give it out to guests?

The peanut brittle is not about selling more of the tasty treat. It is about adding something special to guest’s stay at the hotel. Something special you can only find at the Historic Davenport.

Richard Benson said, “Make only that to which you bring a unique quality and buy everything else around the corner.”

As you start the new year, think about what you can offer that is uniquely you.

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Jody Maberry