Don’t Fear a Bad Decision

don't fear a bad decisionVincent Pugliese joins me for a series of special episodes of the Jody Maberry Show. Vincent does a podcast different than anything else you will hear out there.

Total Life Freedom, a daily podcast hosted by Vincent, has no intro or outro. No theme music. Vincent doesn’t even say his name.

Inspired by his unusual style, I decided to invite Vincent to join me for a series of episodes. Five episodes in five days. Each day, we pick a topic and ask each other a question on the topic.

This episode we talk about dealing with mistakes.

Tell me about an opportunity you turned down and then regretted.

For me, I should have left my career as a park ranger two years before I actually did. Staying on longer than I should have made me miss opportunities. Instead of finding a new opportunity, I stayed with the comfort of an uncomfortable situation.

Have you taken an opportunity that turned out to be the wrong decision?

Vincent tells about how he left his job and jumped into his own business. For a while, it seemed like it may have been a better idea to stay in a traditional job.

Don’t fear a bad decision. Even a bad decision can lead you to your next opportunity.

Visit to learn more about Vincent and get a free audio version of his book, Freelance to Freedom.

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