Five Classes We Should Teach in High School

Five classes we should teach in high schoolVincent Pugliese joins me for a series of special episodes of the Jody Maberry Show. Vincent does a podcast different than anything else you will hear out there.

Total Life Freedom, a daily podcast hosted by Vincent, has no intro or outro. No theme music. Vincent doesn’t even say his name.

Inspired by his unusual style, I decided to invite Vincent to join me for a series of episodes. Five episodes in five days. Each day, we pick a topic and ask each other a question on the topic.

This episode we talk about education.

If a principal asked us to develop a curriculum of 5 classes we felt kids should be learning about, what would those classes be?

Hear both myself and Vincent list our 5 classes and why we feel they are important.

Visit to learn more about Vincent and get a free audio version of his book, Freelance to Freedom.

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