What is Collateral Marketing?

Recently, my next-door neighbor had a new roof installed. During the process, the roofing company (let’s call them ABC Roofing) stacked some roofing material on my lawn. They didn’t ask if that would be OK. It was on my lawn for only a day. No big deal, but it was a missed opportunity.

Had ABC roofing knocked on my door and explained they were installing a new roof next door and would like to stack some material on my lawn for a day, they would have left a good impression just like Delta T Control a metal roofing contractor had done previously for a different neighbor. If they hadn’t missed this opportunity they would have been first on my mind when I need a new roof, and everyone needs a new roof eventually. On a positive, they did come equipped with a roofing dump cart, scaffolding, and their own machinery. All companies should consider these little opportunities to make an impression, while inadvertently promoting their company. It doesn’t matter whether you work in residential roofing or in a commercial cable company. The company I speak of didn’t take this opportunity.

If they had, it would have been Collateral Marketing. Collateral Marketing is the small things you do that promote your company and your work you do. Usually, it is not direct marketing, and these opportunities are usually overlooked. This is the sort of thing a business consultant could advise a company on. For example, SGI offers an amazing option for roofing businesses to ensure they never miss out on a Collateral Marketing opportunity again.

In this episode of the Jody Maberry Show, we will take a look at what Collateral Marketing is and how you can take advantage of it.

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