Who are You Here For?

Tim Schurrer is back for our traditional follow-up episode where I invite my guests into the interviewer chair. Tim has three questions for me, and as always, they do not disappoint.

Question one requires a little bit of context, but when you boil it down, the question is simply this: who are you showing up for? For me, there is the obvious answer. Then there is also the more specific answer that can be summed up in the avatar of Lee Cockerell.

Next, what is your favorite story of helping someone else win that you were glad to be a part of? The first one that comes to mind involves seeing someone change their mind and step into a role they really excelled in.

Lastly, what is being successful? How do you define it? I can sum success up in one word, and it’s not what most have in front of their mind when they hear that word.

Since we got through these questions pretty quickly, make sure you listen for a bonus round of questions for Tim and some unsolicited parenting advice.


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