What if This is Where it All Begins?

what if this is where it all beginsWe are celebrating on this episode of The Jody Maberry Show.

This episode marks the milestone of 100 episodes.

To help me celebrate three people join me.

Jared Easley from Starve the Doubts podcast and the Co-Founder of Podcast Movement.

From Jared we get 3 lessons:

  1. Do the hard work for a season
  2. Strategic breaks help you grow
  3. If you stick with it, opportunities will open up

Mike Simmons from Catalyst Sale joins us to talk about his experience with the Catalyst Sale podcast.

And Mike Kim, who was with me on the first episode of the Jody Maberry Show, stops by to say congratulations and tell us what he has been up to the past few months.

After talking with all three people, a common theme emerged about just sticking with it and the opportunities will come.

I also noticed that all three of them started with an idea and then made something happen with it. The difference is they decided to act today.

This could be the day it all changes for you, too. Today could be the day where it all begins. You just have to decide so and then make the first step.

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