The Story of How I Got Started Podcasting

the story of how i got started podcasting jody maberry jeff brownThis is a momentous episode here on the Jody Maberry Show. We are celebrating 200 episodes. Jeff Brown, a friend and host of the podcast “Read to Lead” is here to take me down memory lane.

I am so grateful for all of the opportunities podcasting has opened for me. It’s taken me around the world and landed me on stages I never dreamed I’d be speaking on. I know there is so much that this podcast, and others I am part of, have laid a foundation for. Some of which are in the works, and some that have yet to be realized. The Jody Maberry Show, specifically, has been a way of separating myself. It has allowed me to venture down paths that differ from the initiatives I am part of and exploring my take on the world.

If you have ever wondered why I started podcasting, what my favorite episodes are or what I would have done differently, this is an episode you don’t want to miss. Also, make sure to stick around until the very end for a fun treat, courtesy of JeffBrown.


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