Some Stories Never Die

Some stories never die. One of those stories for me has been about an incident with a squirrel from my time as a park ranger.

Usually, episodes of the Jody Maberry Show are filled with ideas, advice, and content you can take action on in business. This episode I want to just have a little fun. Is that OK? You won’t get much advice in this episode, but you will get a good story.

I spent 8 years as a park ranger. As a ranger, you see so much. Most of it wonderful, some it awful, and some of it bizarre. And park rangers love to tell stories. Early in my ranger career, there was one incident that happened that labeled me the rest of my career. In the years since this incident happened, I have been asked to tell the story hundreds of times.  It is what I imagine it must be like being a musician and having one hit song everyone wants to hear.  Everyone wanted to hear the squirrel story.

Jason Harrod provided the music you hear during the story portion of this episode.

Next episode I will be back with content to help you market, mobilize, and master your message. For now, be careful of those squirrels.

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