Secrets of a Great Podcast with Jeff Brown

Jeff Brown Read to Lead podcast secrets of creating a great podcastIf you were to ask me about the best podcasters, Jeff Brown would be at the top of my list. Jeff is the host of the Read to Lead Podcast. After 26 years in the radio business, Jeff brought his broadcast skills, and buttery voice, to podcasting.

It is not just a dreamy voice that makes Jeff a great podcaster. Jeff’s preparation, interviews, and production quality make Read to Lead one of the best independent podcasts you will hear.

In this episode, Jeff offers some of his secrets on how to make a good podcast great. But it is really no secret. Jeff Brown is so generous he is willing to share his knowledge and experience to help other podcasters make their show great.

Jeff’s Website –
Jeff on Twitter – @THEjeffbrown
Jeff Brown on Facebook – Read to Lead Podcast

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Jody Maberry