Putting Work From Anywhere to the Test

putting work from anywhere to the testJeff Noel and I team up again to discuss our time in Glacier National Park.

During our time in the wilderness of GNP, we put the idea of work from anywhere to the test. I even published an episode of Creating Disney Magic deep in the wilderness, 13 miles from the nearest road while I was on a mountain. All I needed was my phone and a weak cell signal to access Dropbox and Libsyn.

Here are the lessons I learned while I was in the wilderness with Jeff Noel.

-Church is every step you take.

-Younger people think they know what it takes to fix the world’s problems. Thank goodness. It means we have hope for our future.

-Some moments belong only to you.

-Maybe I’m doing it all wrong.

-Being present requires us to be all in.

Listen to the episode to hear the details behind each lesson.



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