Put Your Personality into a Podcast

put your personality into a podcastVincent Pugliese joins me for a series of special episodes of the Jody Maberry Show. Vincent does a podcast different than anything else you will hear out there.

Total Life Freedom, a daily podcast hosted by Vincent, has no intro or outro. No theme music. Vincent doesn’t even say his name.

Inspired by his unusual style, I decided to invite Vincent to join me for a series of episodes. Five episodes in five days. Each day, we pick a topic and ask each other a question on the topic.

This episode we talk about Podcasting.

Why did you ignore conventional advice and launch a podcast so much different than what everyone else was doing?

Hear why Vincent decided to launch a podcast that is so different and how he was able to include so much of his personality in each episode. Vincent ignored advice and best practices to put more of his personality into his podcast.

How do you keep up with so many podcasts? 

Systems. Without good systems and processes, I would not be able to produce as many shows as I do. I also talk about shows I considered doing but did not.

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