Opportunities Created Through a Podcast

opportunities through podcastIn this episode, three people join me who went through the Podcast Magic course.

Mike Sizemore, Cory Carlson, and Melissa Detweiller ask me questions about podcasting and we discuss the opportunities created through a podcast.

What got me interested in podcasting and what did I hope to accomplish?

My first podcast, The Park Leaders Show, was originally going to be a blog. But Jared Easley showed me the light and I launched a podcast instead. The show was launched with the intent to keep me connected to parks, but it turned out to be so much more.

What are some of the opportunities created by podcasting?

For me, a whole new world has been created. My first podcast led to a second, which led to a third, and so on until I had 8 active podcasts. Also, I have done coaching and consulting narrated audiobooks, got speaking opportunities, traveled the world, been interviewed for a reality show and so much more because of podcasting.

What was my biggest fear about podcasting?

At first, I didn’t know where to begin. Then, once I recorded, my biggest fear was that my voice was bad.

What has been your greatest challenge in doing podcasts?

The three toughest parts of podcasting are editing, creating new content every week, and still being willing to do episodes when it feels like no one is listening.

Was there a tipping point where you decided you were all in?

For the Park Leaders Show, it was episode 10. By then, I was getting connected to people I had not previously known and this helped created momentum. Personally, overall, it was the launch of Creating Disney Magic. Once this podcast was launched I was all in on podcasting.

Were there any interviews over the years that you regret?

No. There are some interviews that could have gone better. But I am grateful for every interview I have gotten to do.

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