Opportunities come one person at a time

Ever since I the created Podcast Magic course, there is one question I often hear after people launch a podcast.

“How do I get more people listening to my podcast?”

The sentiment is right. But it may be the wrong mindset.

It’s not about how many people are paying attention to you; it’s about taking care of a single listener.

Worry about the one person who is listening. Serve them well. Add value to one person.

If you worry about growth rather than being great at what you do, you may miss the point.

All it takes is one person, the right person, to hear what you are saying. When the right person hears you, you need to be good at what you do.

For me, it turned out to be one person in Arkansas who heard my podcast.

It took five years of work, and showing up for the one person in Arkansas, before perhaps the most significant opportunity I have ever had showed up.

Vincent Pugliese shares this very story on an episode of his podcast. If you take 5 minutes to listen, it will hit home the point I am making.

Stop and go here and listen.

Opportunities keep coming because of one person in Arkansas who listened to my podcast.

So keep showing up. Keep doing the work. Don’t worry about the many. Do it for the one.

When you faithfully do it for one, you will get an opportunity to do it for many.

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Jody Maberry