Market Yourself Like No One Else Can with Mike Kim

Mike Kim Market Yourself Like No One Else CanDo you ever wonder if there is a magic formula for marketing? Should you just copy what other people are doing? How do you stand out? Well, if you have to ask the question of whether you should copy someone else, then that’s not the solution. Being innovative is the way forward. If you’re looking for inspiration, check out how companies like Custom Water are offering business’ a way of getting their name out there and also increase customer relationships. It’s all about doing something different to stand out.

In this episodes, Mike Kim will explain how you can market yourself like no one else can. Mike Kim is a marketing consultant, communications strategist, and copywriter. After a couple of career pivots, Mike has set himself apart by leveraging his personal story to connect with other people.

During this interview, Mike Kim will give you the exact steps he uses with his clients to market yourself like no one else can. The key to marketing yourself is to uncover the elements of your story that make you unique.

If you want help setting yourself apart from the crowd, check out Mike’s Brand You Blueprint. The Brand You Blueprint will give you a strategic overview on what it takes to a fun, fulfilling, and profitable personal brand business. You can get the Brand You Blueprint here.

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