Lessons I Learned Traveling With My Daughter

lessons i learned traveling with my daughterRecently, my daughter came with me on a trip to Nashville. We had a tremendous time together, but it wasn’t all about having fun.

Here are the lessons I learned from traveling with my daughter.

It’s possible!: A lot of people thought I was mad when I said I was taking my daughter on a business trip, and most of those didn’t hold back it telling me. I nevertheless, arranged for a charter flight, but not before comparing options that met my cost-to-comfort and cost-to-service criteria. From friends and acquaintances, I got to know about online portals like Jettly (more information can be found here) that offer real time comparisons between various types of jets along with a cost analysis of taking a private charter service versus flying first class on a commercial airline. Armed with the information, I went ahead and booked a flight to and from Nashville. And it all clicked together so well! I was able to spend more time with my daughter, got to know so much about her life, dreams, you name it, and all this while being able to enjoy the luxuries offered to us. We received custom catering and enjoyed other top-quality services during our travel. Corporate housing associates booked our accommodation and it was perfect for the two of us. We had fun AND I did all of the work I needed to.

R&R will help you catch your breath: When I saw R & R, I am not talking about rest and relaxation. Instead, I mean reconsider and refuse. In order to bring my daughter on a business trip with me, I needed to reconsider what work I am doing and refuse some projects. Doing so allowed me to catch my breath and enjoy my trip. Whilst it is good to have some time to relax, it’s important to remember that the trip is for business, so do expect to do some work. During the trip, it’s likely that you’ll need to access the internet to do some work. If that’s the case, the business should’ve planned ahead and looked at some of the best broadband and phone deals, especially mobile broadband. This allows employees to access their work from wherever they are. This is why so many companies are starting to get mobile broadband. When purchasing mobile broadband, there are some things to consider, businesses can look here if they want to allow their employees to work when they go on business trips.

The Way Things Are Supposed to be is Getting in Your Way: Just because things are done a certain way doesn’t mean they should be done that way. Policies, procedures, and tradition could be getting in your way of getting big work done.

I need to Make it Worth Your Time: If I am going to be on the road and away from my family, I need to make it worth your time or I am wasting my time.

Don’t let perfect get in the way of done: Too often, we let the pursuit of perfect get in the way of just getting the work done.

We need to play more often: Sometimes all we need to do is play.

Ask for Advice, not a job: If you ask for a job, you will get advice. If you ask for advice you will get a job.

Time is more important than anything else: Forbes Riley told me she had everything she wanted, now all she was after was more time to enjoy what she has. Her comment inspired me to pursue the time to enjoy now, rather than later after I feel like I have accomplished everything I wanted.

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