If I Can Do This, What Else Can I Do?

Last week, Jennifer McClure joined the Jody Maberry Show to talk about developing a signature story.

This week, Jennifer asks me 3 questions.

The week after there is a guest on the show, they ask me three questions about anything. Business, life, parks…anything. I don’t prompt them in any way.

Here are the 3 questions from Jennifer McClure, with short answers. Listen to the entire episode to hear the whole story.

What have I revealed about myself during my 10,000 steps per day walking streak?

So far, after over 800 days, I have learned plenty. I even did a podcast episode focused on the step steak. But if I had to pick one thing I have revealed about myself it would be this; If I can do this, what else can I do?

It has not been easy walking so many steps in a streak that stretches over 800 days. If I have it in me to accomplish this, what else can I accomplish? I look forward to finding out.

What is my fondest memory of being a park ranger?

Believe me, there are many. After being a park ranger for 8 years, I have enough fond memories to last a lifetime. But the best came during my first week as a park ranger.

Jack Hartt, the park manager and the person who hired me into parks, told me to spend time falling in love with the park before I worried about doing the work. That advice served me well as a park ranger and I still practice his advice today, no matter what I am doing.

What is my favorite National Park and why?

Not a fair question, but I will give an answer. For many reasons, my answer should be Yellowstone National Park (if you’ve never been, you might want to click here now to see what guided tour options are available so you get the most out of a visit). It is truly wonderful. But for some reason, I can’t shake the thought that Glacier National Park is my favorite.

I have spent much time in the backcountry at Glacier and seen things that most people who visit Glacier never see. Glacier is a backcountry park. As beautiful and stunning as the park may seem from Going to the Sun Road, you haven’t seen the park until you walk into the wild. Not to mention there are so many more things to do in Whitefish, meaning that the national park is not isolated and you can have an amazing time exploring.

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