How to Build Relationships With Instagram Stories

building relationships with instagram storiesAfter resisting getting involved with Instagram, I finally began posting photos.

Instagram became my favorite social media platform, but I was reluctant to use Instagram stories. Finally, I posted an ongoing story when I took a trip to Florida.

The response was delightful. Every day, I received comments, messages, emojis, and questions. More than anything else I have ever done on social media, Instagram stories was getting people more involved with what I was doing.

Now I am hooked. And I want to do better.

When I want to get better, I talk to an expert. When it comes to Instagram, the expert I turn to is Lauren Davis.

Like me, many people get intimidated or frustrated trying to use social media to add some life to their personal brand. Lauren Davis makes it easier for me, though. She explains it in a way where I feel social media is easy to do because I only have to be myself.

Lauren’s expert social media advice has been featured by Huffington Post, Reader’s Digest and NailPro Magazine. As people realize how good she is at what she does, she has been making the rounds as a popular podcast guest.

Listen in as Lauren helps us understand how to build relationships with Instagram stories.

You can find me on Instagram at @SugarJMaberry.

Lauren can be found on the web at Lauren Davis Creative and on Instagram at @LaurenDavisCreative.

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