How a Bicycle Made me a Business Coach

Last episode we had a great conversation with Jevonnah Ellison. This episode, Jevonnah asks me three questions.

Listen in to hear my answers to these questions from Lady J.

What has been one of your greatest lessons learned as it relates to dealing with people and building solid relationships?

In a word, curiosity. Being curious enough to ask people questions, and truly be interested in the answer, is the first step in building a solid relationship.

Tell me what happened as a park ranger that led you to become a business coach.

My time as a bike patrol instructor for the International Police Mountain Bike Association is what eventually led to me becoming a business coach. Over 5 years, I taught bike patrol classes to park rangers and other law enforcement officers. Often, I would have to coach individuals to help them learn the proper skills. Being involved in someone else’s success was rewarding. I loved attending our annual tradie business coach class (back in my first role) and from then, I always knew this was the path I would eventually follow. The skills I learned coaching law enforcement officers helped me coach people in podcasting, brand building, and business, similar to how others manage to formulate a strategic business plan for people.

Tell me about one of your favorite books and why.

My Southern Journey by Rick Bragg is currently one of my favorite books. Since the beginning of 2017, I have listened to the audio version of the book 6 times. Read Bragg does a wonderful job narrating the book and I enjoy hearing his southern accent. But the book helps me explore the world of telling short stories. Rick Bragg inserts humor and entertainment in telling a short non-fiction story with a point.

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