Filling the Unforgiving Minute

Once again, it is time for a guest on the show to turn the tables and ask me three questions. Col. Kevin Benson returns with a few thought-provoking questions that I am excited to answer for you today. Listen until the end, he also unpacks a special extension on our previous conversation about filling the unforgiving minute.

First, how did you come to conclude that conducting podcast interviews was your chosen line of work? This is an interesting question. Would you believe it, like many things, stemmed from my love of parks?

What delighted you about being a park ranger? This is an easy answer. What is more appealing, dealing with numbers or being in the outdoors?

Last, what is a path that you thought about taking but didn’t? If it weren’t for a three-month car trip, I may have ended up working for one of the most stable and well-known companies in Illinois. I’m grateful for that trip.

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