Four Reasons Why You Need to Fail More Often

It is common to want to avoid failure. Most people will opt for comfortable and safe rather than put themselves in a position where they might fail.

But failure is a shortcut to success. It is not the only shortcut to success, but it is the best shortcut.

Here are the four reasons you need to fail more often;

  1. You won’t believe you can create until you have created. Even if your creation is a flop.
  2. You will appreciate success more when it comes if you have experienced a failure.
  3. You learn more from failure than you do success. You try to figure out what happened when you fail, but rarely do people try to figure out what happened with a success.
  4. It builds a better story. That story will build influence with others.

During the discussion about failure in this episode, I share two personal stories of failure. Listen in to find out what happened.

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Jody Maberry