Changing Your Mind with Design Thinking

One definition of insanity is doing the same thing repeatedly, but expecting a different result. Today, most industries have a rapidly changing landscape, and it is not enough to approach questions and problems from the same angle. Lee Kitchen is here unpacking the concept of Design Thinking and how you can set yourself apart by learning to look at your situation from a different perspective.

Lee Kitchen is one magical dude. After a 32-year career with Disney, he now brings his experience and knowledge to companies everywhere. He is a speaker, consultant, and trainer who specializes in challenging the approach we take to problem-solving and transforming it into a journey of discovery.

All too often, when presented with a problem, the baseline approach is to tackle it head-on. The linear approach seems to be a default in many industries. Design Thinking is a structured way of thinking that takes an abstract or sideways approach to tackle an issue.

There are four aspects to Design Thinking: scoping, empathizing, ideating and inspiring and idea developing. Scoping is all about taking apart your challenge and reassembling it in a way that ensures you are tackling the “right” challenge. Once you identify the correct challenge, you can’t simply rely on the data; you must humanize it. Dig deep with your customers and make sure you are approaching your challenge with the end in mind. Once you have your idea and your research, get everyone together, not just the experts. Brainstorm and hear from everyone involved. The last piece is making sure you have the infrastructure in place to implement your decisions and gain traction.

It is important to be challenged in the way you look at things. Breaking out of what you have always done and looking at situations from a new vantage point will keep you from being left behind.


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