Building the Foundation of Leadership

One of my favorite business books is QBQ by John Miller. There are few books that have had such a direct impact on my career.

QBQ stands for Question Behind the Question and it focuses on personal accountability. When I apply what John suggest in the book, good things happen. It is that simple.

In my park ranger days, I used to give this book to people who worked with me. Their response to the book told me plenty about their personality and work habits.

I had the opportunity to ask John Miller how we can have an impact.

Here are the things you need to know from John Miller’s comments about impact;



-When something goes wrong, leaders figure out their role and find a way to do better.

-You have to be good enough to out perform the situation and circumstances that get in your way.

-Deep down, nobody likes a complainer. You have to make a decision to resist the temptation to complain and step away from personal accountability.

-The quickest way to have an impact is to practice personal accountability.


Personal Accountability is the foundation of leadership.

If you have not yet read QBQ, you can get it here.  You can find John Miller here.


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