8 New Lessons from the Creating Magic Mastermind

8 new things I learned from the creating magic mastermindA couple of time each year, Lee Cockerell and I host a Creating Magic Mastermind event in Orlando.

Even though I host the event, I learn as much or more than people who attend the event. And I take notes.

In this episode, I share the 8 new things I learned during the last Creating Magic Mastermind event.

  1. You can do more than you are now.
  2. When you think different, you act different. 
  3. The Magic happens when experiences and ideas that don’t usually come together run into each other. 
  4. Candor moves the conversation. 
  5. “One of the biggest obstacles to thriving is arriving.” – Dan Miller
  6. What does that mean vs. Tell me more
  7. If one person is remote all people should be remote
  8. A first impression has to be professional


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Jody Maberry